Introducing Spark MINI

- 20220222
A mind-blowing portable powerhouse, Spark MINI delivers innovative smart guitar playing and personalized music listening to go. Plus all-new Smart Jam, video creation, custom colors and more.

San Diego, CA, February 22, 2022 –– Positive Grid introduces Spark MINI – a mind-blowing portable guitar amp and Bluetooth® speaker delivering innovative smart guitar playing to go. With spatial audio, all-day battery power, smart app integration and Bluetooth audio streaming, Spark MINI is the biggest smallest rig ever for electric guitar, acoustic or bass.

Spark MINI's precision-engineered acoustics deliver incredible clarity and depth, defying expectations for a speaker this small. And with its long-life rechargeable battery (up to 8 hours of use), guitarists can turn any setting into an interactive jam space – or simply stream their favorite music with full, detailed sound.

Angled, full-range stereo speakers offer multi-directional sound and channel separation for high-quality amplification or music streaming. Plus, a downward-facing passive radiator pumps out big sonic power and a tight and punchy bass performance never before heard in an amp this size.

Spark MINI inherits all the same interactive, smart features of Spark 40 – Positive Grid's #1 best-selling smart guitar practice amp now played by over 300,000 guitarists worldwide – in a smaller, go-anywhere package. Simply plug in and play with Spark MINI's easy-to-use onboard control knobs, jam along with any song, and use the free accompanying Spark app to discover a world of custom tone creation and smart features including:

  • NEW! Smart Jam Live: Play guitar and Spark MINI can quickly generate multiple, inspiring bass and drum backing tracks based on the player’s style. From simple and laid back to complex and driving, the tracks will change throughout the song in real time based on the intensity of the guitarist’s playing.
  • Auto Chords: Learn millions of songs quicker and easier. Select any song and the Spark smart app will analyze and display its guitar chords in real time. It can also loop a section or slow down the tempo for learning difficult passages.
  • Video Capture: Use the Spark app to shoot video of a performance with high quality audio and upload it directly to social media.
  • EQ Scenarios: Whether guitarists are using Spark MINI to jam or casually listen to music with Bluetooth streaming, custom onboard EQ scenarios are provided to ensure optimum sound.
  • 10,000+ Tones: Players of all genres looking to kickstart their creativity can instantly access Spark MINI’s tone presets, plus more than 10,000 additional presets for free on Positive Grid’s online ToneCloud community. Spark MINI is also stocked with a treasure trove of 33 ultra-realistic amp models and 43 effects for thousands of sonic possibilities.
  • Home Recording: As a USB audio interface, simply connect Spark MINI to a computer and record songs or riffs using the included PreSonus Studio One, or any DAW software or platform. Spark MINI’s Smart Out allows players to choose between headphone or line out for versatile listening

Solidly constructed in classic black or luxe Pearl tolex, Spark MINI can also be personalized by swapping out the removable grille with vibrant and fun options for a custom look.

Spark MINI will be offered with special pricing and a free, limited-time bonus during pre-order.

Find out more here.

Positive Grid Announces the Spark App Power Update

- 20220219

We’re excited to announce the Spark App Power Update, which includes some awesome new features and enhancements. This update is free of charge to all Spark owners. We hope these additions will allow the global Spark community to get creative and jam more than ever before.

Note: The Power Update requires all Spark users to update both the amp’s firmware and app, unless otherwise noted, in order to enjoy these new features.

Here’s a complete list of features added in the Power Update:


  • The much requested in-app tuner is finally here. Access it by either activating the tuner on your Spark or opening it within the Spark Menu page.

Tap Tempo

  • Modulation and delay enthusiasts get ready – you can now set the BPM for your favorite pedals by either manually entering the tempo or simply tapping it on your screen.

Creative Control

  • We are happy to introduce Creative Control, a new set of features for Spark Control owners that allow you to manipulate effects parameters in unique and exciting ways, starting with the wah pedal. Customize and get creative with your wah pedal by assigning sweep controls to your switches to simulate toe up and toe down actions.
  • *Creative Control requires Spark Control and Experience Jimi Hendrix™

Jimi Hendrix™ Optimizations

  • We’ve made some adjustments to the DSP algorithms that optimize the simultaneous use of the Vintage Delay or Echo Tape pedal with the Legendary Wah pedal in Experience Jimi Hendrix™.

Positive Grid Announces the Spark Gear Drop Update

- 20210726

We are excited to announce the Spark Gear Drop update for Spark, the #1 best-selling guitar practice amp in the world. This update adds six new pieces of gear to the Spark app, and is available to all Spark owners – free of charge. The gear drop includes a collection of the most sought-after boutique amps and effects as well as a handful of custom pedals, as requested by the Spark community worldwide. We hope that these additions will not only inspire more creativity, but also enhance the overall Spark experience.

Here’s a complete list of the new amps and effects included in this update:

New Amps

  • ODS 50 (Clean)
  • Blues Boy (Crunch)
  • Insane 6508 (Metal)

New Pedals

  • Guitar EQ (MOD/EQ)
  • Bass EQ (MOD/EQ)
  • Clone Drive (Drive)

Users must update their Spark amp to the latest firmware (1.4.3) and download the latest Spark app (2.0.0) to enjoy this gear drop.

Notice - Regarding macOS Big Sur

- 20201105

As you may know, Apple will soon be releasing their new operating system – macOS Big Sur (macOS 11) – sometime this Fall. We strongly recommend that you hold off on the update for now and remain with your current macOS version until compatibility with macOS Big Sur has been confirmed for all Positive Grid desktop (Mac) products.

Further updates will be provided here when available.

Notice - iOS 14 Compatibility Issue

- 2020922

Recently Apple has released an update to its mobile operating system, iOS 14. This latest update may affect your use of the following Positive Grid products for the mobile platform (iPhone/iPad):

  • BIAS AMP 2
  • BIAS FX Mobile
  • JamUp / Jamup Pro
  • BIAS Pedal
  • X Drummer
  • Final Touch

To ensure that all your Positive Grid iOS products remain operational, we recommend that you do not upgrade to iOS 14 until app compatibility with the latest operating system has been confirmed.

For the time being, please remain with your current iOS version until further notice. We will provide further updates when they become available.

Thank you for your understanding.

BIAS FX 2 Mobile - Now Available!

- 20200521

Positive Grid is proud to announce the new generation of amp and effects simulators for mobile platforms with BIAS FX 2 Mobile. The world’s most powerful and versatile guitar effects processor for mobile returns to iOS with a newly updated library of amps and effects as well as a host of new features and upgrades, including Guitar Match, Looper, LiveView, IR Loader, ToneCloud, and much more.

The massive library of amps and effects in BIAS FX 2 Mobile now features brand new classic and modern pedals, HD studio rack effects as well as effects modelers, giving players a wealth of tonal options to explore and create their own signature sound. Guitar Match, Positive Grid’s groundbreaking guitar emulation technology makes its debut on the mobile platform, offering players the ability to transform any guitar into a collection of highly-coveted classic guitar models.

Also new is the Looper feature, a powerful songwriting tool that lets players practice, jam, and record right on their mobile device. For players looking to take their tones to the stage, BIAS FX 2 Mobile has an updated LiveView feature that delivers a smooth and seamless transition when switching between presets. To maximize productivity with BIAS FX 2 Mobile, the new user interface has been updated and includes an all-new advanced preset manager, allowing users to easily organize, search, and recall their favorite pedalboards.

BIAS FX 2 Mobile is available now for download for free on the App Store. To learn more about BIAS FX 2 Mobile and its features, click the button below:

BIAS FX 2 Mobile - Reserve Now!

- 20200515

Positive Grid is thrilled to announce that BIAS FX 2 Mobile can now be reserved on the App Store. Powered by the award-winning BIAS tone engine, BIAS FX 2 Mobile has been optimized for the mobile platform and boasts the very same features and updates as the desktop (PC/Mac) version, including all-new amps and effects, Guitar Match, Looper, LiveView, impulse response loader, an upgraded user interface and much more.

Feature Highlights:

  • New Tone Arsenal - over 100 new amps, pedals, HD racks, and cabs
  • Guitar Match - transform your guitar into a collection of legendary axes
  • Looper - practice, record, overdub, and develop song ideas whenever inspiration strikes
  • LiveView - single tap to switch up your rig instantly, with zero latency
  • BIAS Tone engine - delivers hyper-realistic and detailed tones
  • Impulse Response - load your favorite custom IR files for even more tonal possibilities
  • ToneCloud - download thousands of custom guitar rigs and artist tones online

BIAS FX 2 - 2.1.9 Update Release

- 20200409

Positive Grid is thrilled to announce the release of update 2.1.9 for BIAS FX 2. This latest release adds two additional Guitar Match models to all versions of BIAS FX 2 – Standard, Pro, and Elite. In addition, the Looper function has also been updated with an all-new Backing Track player, allowing users to load an audio file and play along with their favorite backing track.

What’s New:

  • New Guitar Match models – Artist YJM and Modern CU22
  • All-new Backing Track player!

Positive Grid Returns To Shanghai 2019

- 20191009

Following the successful launch of the 300-watt powerhouse in China earlier this year, the award-winning BIAS MINI Guitar now takes center stage at this year’s Music China in Shanghai.

Positive Grid looks to showcase its flagship lineup of BIAS amps and effects units, with the spotlight on the BIAS MINI Guitar. The tiny powerhouse weighs just over 5 pounds and delivers a wealth of tones with unrivalled authenticity and feel, powered by our BIAS AMP 2 amp modeling software (available on PC/Mac and iOS).

Music China – Asia’s largest music trade show – annually attracts more than 100,000 visitors and 2,000 exhibitors from across the globe, serving as a meeting ground for dealers, distributors, media, and major artists to participate in workshops, live shows, product demos, and other industry events.

Come check us out at booth W5G15 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center between 10/10 and 10/13!

Notice - Regarding macOS Catalina

- 20190919

As you may already know, Apple will soon release macOS Catalina (10.15) sometime in October.

To ensure that all your Positive Grid products work the way they should, we strongly urge you to put upgrading to macOS Catalina on hold for the time being.

It is our goal to add macOS Catalina to our list of compatible operating systems for all our products. In the meantime, please remain with your current macOS version until an official announcement has been made.

Further updates will be provided here when available.

BIAS FX 2 - 2.1.4 Update Release

- 20190826

Positive Grid is pleased to announce the release of update 2.1.4 for BIAS FX 2. With this latest update, users can expect noticeable speed and performance improvements in BIAS FX 2, delivering an improved overall experience in both standalone mode and as a plug-in in all major DAWs. This release also features a newly re-balanced sound engine, improving the tone of all 200 factory presets and any custom preset you’ve created.

What’s New:

  • Increased speed and performance in both standalone mode and as a plug-in
  • Performance improvement in both single and dual path modes
  • Improved CPU performance efficiency
  • Newly re-balanced sound engine
  • All 200 factory presets have been tweaked for improved tone

Education Program - Now Available for Student and Educators (Expired)

- 20190606

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting aspiring musicians, Positive Grid now offers students and educators a 40% education discount on BIAS FX 2 Standard, BIAS FX 2 Pro, and BIAS FX 2 Elite, when purchased directly from the Positive Grid online store. Through this program, we hope to foster the next generation of musicians by providing the highest quality of creative tools for their academic pursuits at affordable pricing.

BIAS FX 2 - 2.1.0 Update Release

- 20190510

Positive Grid is pleased to announce the latest major update for BIAS FX 2 (Mac/PC). This latest version ( brings a newly updated DSP engine, offering enhancement to the factory presets and effects found within BIAS FX 2. Additionally, the much-anticipated MIDI function as well as the Preset Migration feature have been implemented in this latest iteration.

What’s New:

  • Updated DSP engine (improved factory presets and effects)
  • New - MIDI function added!
  • New - Preset Migration added!
  • New - Celestion Classic Pack now available!

BIAS AMP 2 - Metal Factory Preset Update (Metal and Insane)

- 20181211

Positive Grid are committed to staying at the edge of guitar modeling software innovation, and we are pleased to announce the latest updates to our BIAS AMP 2 factory presets, increasing the dynamic range of the Metal and Insane categories. This results in a wider frequency representation, creating the tightest, thickest, highest gain distortions with more overtones.

To see which presets have been updated in this latest release, please refer to the list below:


  • 5153 mkII
  • Triple Treadplate
  • Mark IIc+
  • SLO SP-88


  • Fire
  • Insane 5153
  • Positive Insane
  • Power Place

This update for factory presets are available for free for BIAS AMP 2 desktop and mobile owners. To download these updated presets, head on over to ToneCloud in BIAS AMP 2. To hear them in action, you can preview each preset in the SoundCloud player below:

BIAS AMP 2 - Rock Factory Preset Update (Crunch and High Gain)

- 20181022

At Positive Grid, we are constantly researching and innovating to bring musicians the best-sounding guitar modeling software available. This is why we are thrilled to release a second update to BIAS AMP 2’s factory presets. This latest under-the-hood update has improved the dynamic response of the amp models found in the Crunch and High Gain factory preset categories. Additionally, BIAS AMP 2 users can expect a much more balanced midrange tone with a tighter low end, giving a warmer, grittier tone with more crunch.

To see which presets have been updated in this latest release, please refer to the list below:


  • British Plexi 50w
  • British Lead 800
  • Hiway DR 103
  • ‘69 Super Lead

High Gain

  • British Rock 50
  • RB 101B
  • SLO 100
  • Monster VH4

This update for factory presets are available for free for BIAS AMP 2 desktop and mobile owners. To download these updated presets, head on over to ToneCloud in BIAS AMP 2.

To hear them in action, you can preview each preset in the SoundCloud player below:

Special Fall Offer: Buy a BIAS Head or Rack, Get a $100 Visa Gift Card!

- 20181008

Positive Grid is thrilled to announce that users who purchase a critically-acclaimed BIAS Head or BIAS Rack amplifier from any authorized US dealer between October 8 and November 3, 2018 will receive a $100 Visa gift card. Purchasers simply need to provide proof of purchase, fill out a simple online registration form, and you’re all set - your card will be on its way!

Don’t miss out, this offer ends November 3, 2018.

Positive Grid Announces Availability of GoGuitar, an entirely new and innovative way to learn guitar

- 20180926

Positive Grid is excited to announce the availability of GoGuitar, the latest addition to Positive Grid’s family of mobile products. GoGuitar is a smart app that teaches the guitar-learning community by offering a personalized learning experience to guitar players of all skill levels. By incorporating the latest and most advanced Machine Learning (ML) technology, GoGuitar offers the guitar-learning community an innovative and exciting way to practice and learn guitar.

Powerful Chord Analyzer

GoGuitar features a powerful algorithm that analyzes a song’s audio track and displays its chord progression on screen. A real-time display of the song’s chord progression appear on screen that helps guitarists to play along with the song.

The Perfect Learning Companion

Backed by our advanced Machine Learning (ML) technology, GoGuitar will help search out the right lessons and exercises for you to develop and master new skills. All lessons and exercises are catered specifically to you based on your musical tastes and skill level. You can also venture off and explore new lessons and challenges on your own if you wish.

Gamified Experience

Instead of repetitive exercises and boring scale charts, GoGuitar offers an interactive practice game that turns dull practice sessions into an enjoyable experience. GoGuitar offers interactive exercises that cover a wide array of techniques such as basic chord transition, sweep picking, and more. You can also practice and hone your skills as you play along with amusing backing tracks.

GoGuitar is now available on the App Store for iPhone. Requires iOS 10 or later.

BIAS AMP 2 - Factory Preset Update (Low Gain presets)

- 20180906

Starting today, we will begin rolling out a series of updates to our factory presets for BIAS AMP 2 (desktop and mobile) for free. These updates will improve the overall sound quality of factory presets found in each category.

In this first update, we’ve updated the factory presets found in the Clean, Glassy, and Blues categories. For a complete list of factory presets included in this update, please refer to the list below:


  • ‘76 RC-120
  • British 900 Clean
  • ‘94 MATCH 30
  • Hiway 103 Clean


  • ‘67 Blackface Duo
  • ‘66 British TB 30
  • ‘65 Blackface Vibro
  • ‘67 Dumble Clean


  • American Bass
  • Tweed Lux
  • Mini Dup Reverb
  • ‘63 British J45

To download these updated presets, head on over to ToneCloud in BIAS AMP 2.

To hear them in action, you can preview each preset in the SoundCloud player below:

BIAS FX Educational Discount Program

- 20180904

As part of our commitment to support producers, recording artists, and musicians, Positive Grid is proud to announce the launch of an educational discount program, exclusively for college/university students and educators.

At initial launch, we will begin by offering students and educators a 40% discount on BIAS FX Standard, when purchased directly from the Positive Grid online store. Our long-term goal is to make all Positive Grid family of products available in the educational discount program.

By launching our educational discount program, we are committed to help facilitate the next generation of young aspiring musicians by providing an easier access to the highest quality of creative tools in their academic pursuits.

Click the button below to learn more.

We're back again.

- 20180816

Please visit our forum.

Major Update to Pitch Shift Algorithm & 11 All-New Presets!

- 20180801

We’re proud to announce the release of a major update to our DSP (Digital Signal Processing) engine for BIAS FX and Bass Expansion Pack. This major update drastically improves the algorithm used in pitch-shift effects in our flagship product BIAS FX.

  • Octaver (BIAS FX Standard & Pro)
  • Bass Octave (Bass Expansion Pack)
  • Poly Octaver (BIAS FX Pro)
  • Pitch Shifter (BIAS FX Pro)
  • Fuzz Arsenal (BIAS FX Pro)
  • Ambient Reverb (BIAS FX Pro)

Along with this update, we’ve included 11 all-new presets, consisting of the 6 upgraded effects from the list above. Guitarists will instantly recognize the sound behind these presets, inspired by classic rock acts and solo artists. These presets consist of:

  • St. Cathedral (Poly Octaver)
  • Scotland Fever (Poly Octaver)
  • Hammond Guitar (Octaver)
  • Mayer Repair (Octaver)
  • Slash In The Sun (Fuzz Arsenal)
  • White Orchid (Fuzz Arsenal)
  • Seven Stripes Army (Pitch Shifter)
  • Rage Against The Guitar (Pitch Shifter)
  • Iron Radio (Pitch Shifter)
  • Uprising Bass (Bass Octave)
  • Outer Space (Ambient Reverb)