Spark smart guitar amplifiers bridge the gap between advanced machine learning technology and easy-to-play fun, going beyond the traditional guitar amp and Bluetooth speaker. No matter where you love to play or whether you’re a professional guitarist, a casual player, or even a beginner – there’s a Spark amp for you. 

#1 Best-selling Smart Guitar Amp

Vivid, spacious sound, bold looks, and elevated tone from the smart amp that started it all. Want a compact home rig that truly rocks? You’ve come to the right place. Jam, play and practice more with millions of songs. Create a customized look with your own grille design. Access over 50,000 tones powered by our award-winning deeply powerful BIAS Tone Engine.

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Portable Smart Guitar Amp

A mind-blowing portable powerhouse, Spark MINI delivers innovative, customizable smart guitar playing to go. With multi-dimensional high-quality sound, a treasure trove of amps and effects, Smart Jam, video creation, and Bluetooth® audio streaming, it’s the biggest smallest rig ever.

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Ultra-portable Smart Guitar Amp

Play whenever and wherever you feel like it with this app‑supercharged tiny beast. Jaw-dropping, room-filling sound with advanced acoustics powered by computational audio. Seamless integration with Spark App. Bluetooth® speaker, audio interface, rechargeable battery and headphone/line out.

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4-Channel Smart Amp & PA System

The ultimate performance machine. Spark LIVE is a 4-channel, multi-instrument smart amp and PA system that harnesses the power of our SONIC IQ Computational Audio for adaptive, electrifying, and immersive sound. Plug into 4 channels of superior tone for a variety of instruments including guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards and more. Featuring an advanced speaker design, Spark LIVE delivers full-spectrum audio separation and intuitive mixing between channels.


Choose the right
Spark for you.

Play what you want, where you want, how you want. Keep the same settings and enjoy the smart features across all of your Spark amps with the Spark app.

Stack your Spark.

Add more power to your Spark amps with CAB, our 140-Watt powered guitar amp speaker cabinet optimized to work seamlessly with Spark series amps, as well as other modelers, instruments or amps. Versatile, high-quality sound for live performances, recording sessions and home practice.


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    Spark Control X

    The next generation of Spark Control is here. Easily swap presets, toggle effects, and so much more with the 6-switch customizable Spark Control X, the official wireless footswitch for Spark series guitar amps.

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    Spark LINK


    Escape the cable clutter with the Spark LINK Wireless Guitar System. Its sleek design, ultra-low latency, and 70-foot (over 20-meter) range ensure a flawless, noiseless experience at home, on stage and beyond. Just plug in, power on, and play – no complicated setup required. Plus with 4 channels you can use multiple Spark LINKs at the same time. With a flexible hinged input plug, Spark LINK fits virtually every guitar, performance, or practice situation.

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    Spark Battery

    With this optional rechargeable and replaceable battery for Spark LIVE, you can perform anywhere without needing to be tethered to a power outlet. Spark Battery provides up to 8 hours of playtime on a single charge. Easily swap it in seconds if you need even more play time. 

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    Spark CAB

    140-Watt Class D Powered FRFR Speaker Cabinet

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    Spark Traveler Gig Bag

    Traveler Bag for the Spark Amp by Positive Grid

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    Spark GO Case

    Carry Case for Spark GO

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    Spark Control

    Wireless Footswitch for Spark Series Amps

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    Crimson Grille for Spark MINI

    Limited Edition Grille for Spark MINI

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    Sennheiser IE 40 PRO Headphones

    In-Ear Professional Headphones

    This product can only be purchased as an add-on with a Spark Series Amp. 

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    Dunlop Jacquard Strap

    Dunlop Jacquard Strap