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Maximum Control for Spark Series Amps

The next generation of Spark Control is here. Easily swap presets, toggle effects, and so much more with the 6-switch customizable Spark Control X, the official wireless footswitch for Spark series guitar amps.


2 TRS expression pedal inputs and transparent overlays for easy switch labeling.

Pedal Support

6 customizable switches wirelessly swap presets, toggle effects, control music and more.


Enjoy up to 150 hours of playtime on a single charge.


Quick plug & play setup with all Spark series amps.

More power.

More possibilities.

Take control of your Spark series amp like never before with Spark Control X, featuring 6 customizable foot switches, enhanced functionality, and a range of advanced customization features. 

Seamless connectivity.

Spark Control X seamlessly connects to all Spark series amps through the Spark app, offering full control over your tone and jam sessions. For Spark LIVE users, enjoy the added benefit of direct hardware connectivity, no app required.

Complete control. 

Spark Control X features 6 customizable footswitches each equipped with multi-color LED indicators that come pre-programmed right out of the box. Start jamming instantly without lifting a finger. 

Each switch can be assigned to a specific pedal in your signal chain in the Spark app.

Start, Stop, Pause: Music, Backing Tracks, and Smart Jam.

Switches I-IV can be assigned a hardware preset that can be customized in the Spark app.

Switch A swaps to the next preset and Switch B swaps to the previous.


Spark Control X includes 3 transparent overlays that fit perfectly over the face of the pedal. Customize them as you wish to instantly recall and access your favorite functions.

Expression pedal inputs.

Craft your signature sound in the Spark app like never before by plugging in up to 2 TRS type expression pedals directly into Spark Control X to manipulate channel volume, wah, and more. 

Built like a tank.

Crafted in a durable housing, Spark Control X is ready to endure relentless stomping during live gigs and studio sessions. A one-piece silicone cover also wraps Spark Control X, ensuring that it stays firmly anchored under your foot.

Power that lasts.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, Spark Control X delivers up to 150 hours of playtime on a single charge. No more interruptions during rehearsals or performances—enjoy extended jam sessions without compromise.

All instruments welcome.

Get creative with your instrument of choice without interruption. Electric guitar, electric-acoustic, bass, and more, Spark Control X offers full, hands-free control over your Spark series amp no matter what you play.

Maximum control.

¹ Expression pedal not included.