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BIAS Pedal

Guitar & Bass Pedalboard and Effect Modeler


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Customize Your Dream Pedal.

BIAS PEDAL gives you the power to create your own custom pedal by utilizing the same component-based philosophy as our BIAS AMP software. BIAS PEDAL’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to achieve the tone of your dreams – whether you’re a first time tinkerer or a circuitry master.


Customize your own distortion pedal from the inside out. BIAS PEDAL gives you complete control over distortion stages, gain control, input volume, pre and post EQ, and much more. Can’t choose between a germanium or silicon transistor? Why not try both to see which one fits your guitar playing style!

Tone Match

Have a physical pedal or reference that you’d like to model in BIAS PEDAL? Our Tone Match technology analyzes and replicates tone from any pedal, accurately building and enhancing it in our software.


Craft your own unique sound in BIAS PEDAL with a comprehensive collection of modulation effects including chorus, vibrato, flanger, tremolo, pan, and more.

Dual Modulation Engine

BIAS PEDAL features a dual modulation engine that allows you to mix and match sounds from two grounds of modulation effects.


Send your guitar tone into outer space by creating your own delay in BIAS PEDAL. Choose among the four delays to start: standard, tape, ping pong, and reverse, then get to tweaking the internals to widen your sound.

Power Module Customization

Adjust your custom delay pedal’s power source to add (or subtract) density and girth to your input signal.

Load Straight into BIAS FX 2.

Import your custom pedals from BIAS AMP straight right into your BIAS FX 2 pedalboard. From there, you have the ability to pair your effects with different amps to get the most out of your tone.

Thousands of Custom Pedals.

Share, download, and get full access to a massive library of custom pedals created by our global community of guitarists, sound engineers, and producers around the world on ToneCloud.