Want the perfect gift for the musician in your life? Our Holiday Gift Guide is chock full of music gear including smart guitar amps, accessories, software and much more. Still can’t decide? Select a gift card and let them choose!

Amp up
your holiday.

  • Spark GO

    5 Watt Ultra-portable Smart Guitar Amp & Bluetooth® Speaker

  • Spark

    40 Watt Smart Guitar Amp & Bluetooth® Speaker

  • Spark MINI

    10 Watt Portable Smart Guitar Amp & Bluetooth® Speaker

  • Spark CAB

    140-Watt Class D Powered FRFR Speaker Cabinet

“Spark GO is your amp effects suite, Bluetooth speaker, jam partner, audio interface and social media video rig all in one!”

Sparks around
the world.

Did you know that Spark amps are played by over 500,000 guitarists around the world? With smart app integration and easy to use features, every Spark packs amazing sound and powerful features into a compact form. There’s a reason why Spark is the #1 best-selling practice amp

The perfect accessory.

  • Spark Control

    Wireless Footswitch for Spark Series Amps

  • Spark GO Case

    Carry Case for Spark GO

  • Spark Traveler Gig Bag

    Official Gig Bag for Spark

  • Crimson Grille for Spark MINI

    Limited Edition Grille for Spark MINI

Music connects.

Tone inspires.

With a host of amps, effects and creative features for recording, playing and practicing, BIAS FX 2 software can be a tool for exploration and inspiration. Check out Brandon Hart as he puts the new BIAS FX 2 RMST amps through their paces.

Explore, record, and create great tone.

  • BIAS FX 2

    Award-Winning Guitar Amp & Effects Software

  • RIFF

    Guitar Audio Interface


    Sonically Disruptive Amp & Effects Software Collection

  • BIAS Platinum

    BIAS FX 2 & BIAS AMP 2 Elite License Software Suite

  • BIAS AMP 2

    Advanced Guitar & Bass Amp Modeling Software

  • Experience Jimi Hendrix™ Official Gear Collection

    Authentic Hendrix™ BIAS FX 2 Software Collection

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