BIAS MINI | Comparing and matching IR's with mic'ed cabs!

BIAS MINI | Comparing and matching IR's with mic'ed cabs!

September 27, 2022By BigCommerce 0 Comment

We know…lugging that heavy tube amp and 2x12 or 4x12 cabinet to the gig sometimes, well…sucks. We’ve all climbed the stairway of doom while loading in to the venue. We’ve dropped other gear - amps, pedalboards, guitars - and we’ve sweat ourselves into oblivion trying to lug heavy, redundant gear from show to show. When we were developing the BIAS MINI, those are the exact scenarios we kept in mind and wanted to help our fellow players avoid.

Not only did we squeeze a whole buncha tone into this tiny little box, but we wanted to make loading cabinet IR’s easier than ever before. We’ve all fumbled with trying to get acquainted with new tech - trying to load impulse responses with different loaders and third party gear. Versatility rules, but the headaches associated with it don’t… So we fixed it. We built an awesome IR loader right into our BIAS AMP software, so you can unbox your MINI and use any of the 16 killer presets/cabinets that we’ve already loaded up for you, or you can connect to our BIAS AMP 2 software and dial in your tone even further. Just cruise over to our built-in cab menu, and start tweakin’: We modeled some of the most popular, well known cabinets around - the stuff we’ve all grown to love, from vintage American 2x12’s, to British 4x12’s and everything in between. But that wasn’t enough. We wanted to give y’all even more options, so we teamed up with the folks at Celestion to offer some of the most classic, sought after speaker models around. From the versatile Vintage 30, to the boutique swagger of the G12H Anniversary models - we curated the best selling, most in-demand Celestion speakers around and made ‘em available as easy-to-use downloadable expansion packs. Pair those up with the ridiculously compact (and powerful) MINI, and you’ve got everything you’ll ever need.

Join James Ryan as he takes the BIAS MINI Guitar for a spin through a variety of mic'ed cabs, and dives into some of the awesome speaker cabinet emulations that come built right into the MINI, straight out of the box. Plug it right into a cabinet, and it rips. Don’t want to carry that cab around? Just send a signal straight to the sound guy with your favorite speaker IR engaged, and you’re off the the races…

Building on the foundation set by its larger siblings BIAS Head amp and BIAS Rack amp, BIAS MINI Guitar squeezes the same advanced component emulation engine, authentic dynamic tube amp feel and wireless connectivity into an even smaller and lighter package. Weighing just over five pounds with a built-in 300-watt power amp, nothing else on the planet comes close to BIAS MINI for small-to-medium sized gigs and recording sessions.


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