Differences between BIAS FX and BIAS FX 2

Differences between BIAS FX and BIAS FX 2

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Differences between BIAS FX and BIAS FX 2

BIAS FX 2 | Product | April 2019

Featuring a completely re-engineered, ultra-high resolution DSP, BIAS FX 2 not only looks better - it SOUNDS better. Complete with 100 higher resolution, totally re-vamped amplifiers and brand new effects, you can dial in thousands of tones within seconds and achieve the sound of your dreams.Text


1. New DSP Engine: Our all new, ultra-high resolution DSP engine boasts hyper-realistic touch response, accurately emulating the feel and dynamic of real tube amps. That means more clarity, articulation and TONE than ever before.

2. New Amps: Up to 100 new and revamped amplifier models to choose from, BIAS FX 2 gives you more sonic options than ever before. From glassy cleans to crunchy rock and thundering bass to razor-tight modern high gain sounds - we've got you covered.

3. New Effects: Up to 100 brand new pedals, it's safe to say we've really stepped up your virtual pedalboard. With new ultra-accurate recreations of some of the most revered pedals of all time plus new, custom never-before-seen PG models, the sky's the limit.

4. 200 New Presets: In a rush, or maybe you just don't feel like creating your own custom tone from scratch? Well don't fret, because we took care of it by adding over TWO HUNDRED new presets to BIAS FX 2. Simple verby cleans? We got 'em. Classic rock and bluesy mid-gain crunch tones? We've got those too. Whacky, out of this world presets or emulations of some of your favorite, most timeless artist/album tones? BIAS FX 2 has it all.

5. New Guitar Match: One of the coolest, most talked about new features in BIAS FX 2 is the brand new Guitar Match. It analyzes your guitar's overall response and transforms it into any of our 18 hand-picked legendary axes with a multitude of different body shapes, tone woods, and pickup configurations - no special pickup required. That's right - take that old beater and turn it into a custom '57 Goldtop, or a custom 60's S-style body/pickup configuration. Unlock the door to more tonal possibilities than EVER before by not only creating custom amp/effect presets, but custom guitar configurations...

6. New IR Loader: Do you have some favorite Celestion or third party IR's that you just can't live without? We totally get it, and that's why BIAS FX 2 now lets you load 'em up with ease with our brand new, built-in IR loader.


7. New HD Racks: We wanted to give users even more freedom to create ultra-realistic, custom tones with the click of a button, so we added eight (8) brand new HD Racks - meticulously modeled on a component level after some of the most classic, timeless analog outboard gear around. Just wait until you get a load of these.

8. New Effects Modelers: Listen, we know sometimes a regular ol' pedal just ain't enough, so we added three (3) brand new Effect Modelers - Fuzz, Time Delay and Harmonizer - that let you shape your favorite fuzz, delay and harmony effects with more freedom and accuracy than ever before. Create your very own, signature sounds with the click of a button.

9. New Looper: Have a riff or lick that you want to overdub, harmonize, or double? Just open up our brand new Looper to record, overdub, and loop your new tunes. Caution: Players may notice increased levels of hit songwriting ability, and loss of large periods of time...

10. New ToneCloud: We're proud to unveil the completely revamped ToneCloud with a brand new, easier to use interface - allowing you to search, upload, test, and download presets from our always-expanding ToneCloud library. Downloading thousands of custom tones has never been easier.


Check out our YouTube videos and get the most out of BIAS products with useful product tutorials, killer artists playthroughs, and more!

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