Experience Jimi Hendrix™ for Spark & BIAS FX 2 - Gear Spotlights

Experience Jimi Hendrix™ for Spark & BIAS FX 2 - Gear Spotlights

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Experience Jimi Hendrix™ for Spark & BIAS FX 2 - Gear Spotlights

Get ready to unleash Jimi’s revolutionary sound with Experience Jimi Hendrix™ for Spark and BIAS FX 2. From gritty fuzz boxes to psychedelic modulations, this collection of Jimi’s amps, pedals and guitars is meticulously recreated and officially licensed by Authentic Hendrix, LLC.

Let's take a deeper look at some of the amps and effects included in the Experience Jimi Hendrix™ Official Gear Collection:

J.H. 45/100

Based on a Marshall® JTM 45/100™, Hendrix™ used this amplifier as his primary stage and studio amp during his first few years with the Experience.

The J.H. 45/100 offers a rich crunch and the ability to stay dynamic at reasonable gain levels. Then, cranking the master volume introduces additional distortion for more modern sounds.

J.H. Octave Fuzz

Sound technician Roger Mayer designed the Octavia® specifically for Hendrix, and created it to reproduce the input signal from a guitar one octave higher in pitch. The Octavia® can be heard on some of Jimi’s most iconic songs, and now you can bring that sound home with the J.H. Octave Fuzz.

J.H. Legendary Fuzz*

Jimi Hendrix™ experimented with several different fuzz units during his short career, but the Dallas Arbiter® Fuzz Face®, first issued in 1966, was his favorite. Now you can get the Fuzz Face® sound for yourself with Positive Grid’s J.H. Legendary Fuzz.

*Only available for BIAS FX 2

J.H. Axle Fuzz

Positive Grid’s J.H. Axle Fuzz is an effect based on the Roger Mayer™ Axis Fuzz, which was developed specifically for Hendrix in 1967 and used extensively on the Axis: Bold as Love album, hence its name. It produces a rich biting sound while allowing for clear chord definition.

Now’s your chance to plug into the gear that Jimi used to forever change the way you play guitar. Find out more here.


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