Get to Know the Spark LINK Wireless Guitar System (And Why It’s So Great)

Get to Know the Spark LINK Wireless Guitar System (And Why It’s So Great)

March 28, 2024By Joshua Fernandez 0 Comment

The world of wireless guitar systems isn't exactly uncharted territory. They've been part of the scene since bell-bottoms were a thing. Personally, I've been on a bit of a Goldilocks quest with these systems since the grunge era: some were too bulky, some were too finicky with tone, and others were just right but made my wallet cry.

Now, let me introduce a fresh face in the lineup that's pretty much nailing it: Spark LINK from Positive Grid – yes, the same guys who make the incredibly versatile line of Spark guitar amps. It's like they took my wishlist and turned it into a product. Affordable? Check. Keeps my guitar sounding like my guitar, even if I wander off to grab a snack mid-solo? Check. And it looks good with any guitar, which is the cherry on top.

The real kicker is how user-friendly this thing is. We're talking plug-and-play in the truest sense—get it charged, plug it in, and you're ready to rock in less time than it takes to tune your E string. Check out this little video to walk you through what it brings to the table, so you can see for yourself why I personally think Spark LINK is the best wireless guitar system on the market right now.

And the best part? Spark LINK is now available for only $129. It's pretty much a steal to cut the cord and join the wireless revolution now.

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