How Spark Helps Gear Gods Stay Organized

September 27, 2022By The Spark Team 0 Comment

Whether your practice goal is to improve your hand strength, write better guitar riffs, or simply practice more frequently, following through with your plans are just as (if not more!) important than actually creating them. Trey from Gear Gods knows this all too well, and has unveiled his secret to staying organized - our very own Spark amp.

Check out how he’s using this best-selling practice amp to crush his guitar goals in the video below.

With over 10,000 tones (and counting!) on the Positive Grid ToneCloud, you’ll never run out of inspiration with your playing. And with features like Smart Jam, where Spark learns your style and feel to generate authentic bass and drums and to accompany you, each practice session can be a totally new experience. Find out more here.

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