How To Create A Great Multi-purpose Tone With BIAS FX 2?

How To Create A Great Multi-purpose Tone With BIAS FX 2?

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How to create a great multi-purpose tone with BIAS FX 2?

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So you’ve just decided to open the door to limitless tonal possibilities by purchasing BIAS FX 2 and you want to create an awesome multi purpose guitar tone. We know, there’s a lot of options, so where do you start? Let’s dive in!

Choose Your Amp/Cab First

As you probably know, your amplifier plays a BIG role in your guitar tone (among other things), so starting with the appropriate amp and cabinet setup is essential. You can do this a few different ways: You can either select one of the awesome presets based on hundreds of different commonly used guitar rigs, artist tones, and more OR you can create a brand new signal chain in BIAS FX 2 by loading up the plugin in your DAW and clicking the “clear” button on the main screen (pictured).

From there, you can manually select your amplifier and cabinet model by double clicking the amplifier or cabinet icon, revealing the extensive BIAS FX 2 amp/cab library. You can select amp models based on their primary characteristics: low gain, crunch, hi gain, acoustic and bass. We recommend trying a few from each category to see what suits your playing best. Do the same for cabinets, and voila: You’ve got your core tone!

Add Effects To The Chain

Now, here’s the really fun part: Effects. Choose wisely, or go totally nuts - it’s all up to you. Select effects and pedals based on what you’re looking for in a tone. Into the blues? We recommend adding an overdrive pedal from our Drive section (we love the Sweet OD, Clone Drive and Vintage Overdrive for classic warm, mid-gain blues sounds), and maybe a reverb (you’ll fall in love with the Vintage Spring HD Rack). Metal head? Drop our Painkiller or DistortionX pedal in front of even the cleanest amps and you’ll end up with a searing, articulate high gain sound.

The possibilities are quite literally endless with BIAS FX 2, so jump in, create your dream guitar rig and remember: have fun!

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