How to Record Guitar with Spark

September 27, 2022By The Spark Team 0 Comment

If there’s one thing all musicians can agree on, it's that creativity can strike at any second. There’s nothing worse than thinking of a killer guitar part only for it to slip your mind as you scramble to document it.

Luckily, Roy Ziv is here to demonstrate how easy it is to record ideas using Spark, whether you're using the included PreSonus Studio One Prime recording software or another DAW. Check out the video below to get started.

A powerhouse 40 Watt combo, Spark is a smart amp and app that jams along with you using intelligent technology, with backing tracks available for any style you play. Including over 10,000 tones (and counting!) on the Positive Grid ToneCloud, you’ll never run out of inspiration.

Find out more about Spark here.

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