How to Use Spark with Bass Guitar

September 27, 2022By The Spark Team 0 Comment

Spark is a great practice and jamming tool for electric guitarists—but we didn’t leave bass players out! The smart amp and app is loaded with amp models and effects for bass, with deep, thunderous tones to cover all your low-end needs.

In this video, musician Roy Ziv demonstrates some of the features available for bassists. Grab your instrument, and let’s jump in.

The practice amp and accompanying app that jam along with you using intelligent technology, Spark features a deep, loud and immersive speaker design. The amp’s two custom-designed speakers and tuned bass-reflex port are engineered to provide deep, full-sounding basses and crystal-clear highs for every style of music. Named “one of the few true ‘smart amps’ on the market right now” by, Spark lets you practice, jam and record like never before with access to over 10,000 tones—no matter if you play electric guitar, bass or acoustic.

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