What Should I Print on My Personalized Spark Grille? Here are Some Ideas.

What Should I Print on My Personalized Spark Grille? Here are Some Ideas.

January 20, 2023By Joshua Fernandez 0 Comment

Over 300,000 guitar players worldwide are inspired to play more with Spark. And guess what? Now you can design your very own Spark smart amp & Bluetooth® speaker and make it yours with Spark x You.

Whether you adorn it with your band logo, a family photo, or you design a custom creation from the ground up, Spark can match your own personal style, your home, or even your gear.

The possibilities are truly endless, but sometimes it’s the process of choosing what to print that can be the hardest part. If you’re in that camp, don't fret. We’ve laid out a few ideas to inspire your own creative journey and get your wheels turning.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what you choose, and long as it totally represents you (and inspires you to play more!).

Personalization is available now for Spark 40 and Spark MINI. Find out more here.


Channel your inner artist

Spark x You has dozens of stickers, patterns and backgrounds you can use to craft your own grille design. Resize elements, or change their color. Spark is a blank canvas, and you're the artist.


Rock your band logo

Play your riffs with an amp that displays your band logo or song lyric. What’s cooler than that?


You’re in the jungle, baby

Go with an animal pattern – it’s sure to inspire your wildest, most untamed riffs yet.


Keep it vintage

Looking to recreate a classic grille pattern? You can! There’s a reason these looks have stuck around for decades. They’re timeless, classy, and look great anywhere.


Play an artistic statement

Create a statement piece that will look as good in your jam room as it will on your coffee table.


Pay tribute to your best friend

Put your pooch on your Spark for an amp that really growls! Jokes aside, pets can be incredibly meaningful in our lives, and this is a great way to help you feel inspired to play in and play more.


Patterns, patterns, patterns

Find a look that will compliment your space and create some eye-catching contrast.


Match your guitar

A good guitar becomes a part of your identity, almost a musical soulmate. Why not design your amp to be its perfect match? For ultimate personalization, throw your name or initials on the design, too.


Your happy place

Plug into an amp that allows you to travel to another time and place. Then tap into that inspiration every time you sit down to jam.

So there you have it. These are just a small handful of ideas, but the options really are endless. Still unsure? We’ll leave you with a question. What photo or artwork will inspire you to play more? Choose something that will keep you coming back to play guitar, and you won’t be disappointed.

Each high-quality Spark x You custom grille is carefully prepared by hand, then brought to life with state-of-art printers using durable materials–all while maintaining true sonic transparency. You’ll look good, while sounding good. Get started here.


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